October 9, 2016
Quality Pressures Create Problems for Small Herbal Companies

Legal, regulatory and self-policing measures aimed at tightening ingredient and supplements quality are having an unintended consequence: harming smaller-time herbal operators who have never had a problem with ingredient quality or consumer trust to begin with.

The FDA’s New Dietary Ingredients guidelines, the New York attorney general’s campaign against botanical supplements, and endogenous industry pressure to join campaigns around transparency are putting costs on everyone up and down the value chain. But while large supplement companies can absorb these costs, that’s not true for everyone.

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How to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Customers

Jeff Hilton, chief marketing officer and co-founder of marketing consultancy BrandHive, reveals the new rules of engagement with consumers.

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Are Pills Dead?

We found 20 new supplements at Expo East that leave the capsules and tablets behind.

Maybe it's the pill-weary, perhaps plain difficulty swallowing, or it might be the rise of nutrient-dense smoothies. What difference does it make? To be on trend today means to get rid of pills. Supplement companies are responding with new delivery formats to meet the public's demand.

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  Deals of the Week  
Use the code NBJN13 for 10% off of the 2015 Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss Issue (originally $299). This week only - offer expires at midnight Saturday, October 15, so act now!

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  Funding DOTW
Last week before brands, whose products use proprietary blends of whole foods to initiate immune system training right from the start, received $13.1 million in funding.

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